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tyre coupling

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tyre coupling

LLB tire coupling

Time:2018-09-29 15:58 Form:Admin5 Author:秩名
LLB metallurgical equipment tire coupling is a high-elastic coupling with good shock absorption buffer and excellent inter-axis offset compensation performance, working temperature - 20 ~ 80 degrees Celsius, transfer torque 10 ~ 20000NM, Suitable for wet, dusty, impact, vibration, positive and negative rotation and frequent starting conditions, and easy to disassemble, because the elastic component is a whole tire body, easy to disassemble and repair, no lubrication, durable reliable.
Basic parameters and main dimensions of LLB tire coupling: Specification LLb1-13, nominal torque 10-20000, permissible rotational speed 5000-1000, shaft hole diameter 6-200, shaft hole length 16-352, weight 0.4-340 , material cast steel joint, rubber tire body.

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